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Advice On Selecting Your Next Car Tyre

Anyone can buy a car tyre, the problem is choosing the right tire that would fit and enhance your car. If you buy the wrong tyre, it could be at the detriment of your car, either by affecting its performance or its capacity to work well in any weather. It is good practice to always change the tyres of your car every three or four years, here is a basic guide in choosing the right tyres for your car (it could also be used to choose bus tyres, and truck tyres too).

Majority of cars tyres come in three categories:

  • Summer
  • Winter
  • All season

Almost all drivers choose the all season tyres because it is easier and it cost less when compared to buying a set of tyres for either winter or summer. The major advantage of buying all season tyres is that it gives a well-rounded performance but is in no way outstanding. Summer tyres are great for braking in dry and wet conditions and handling but their traction in snow is abysmal. In contrast, winter tyres as the name implies have great snow traction with manageable braking ability when driving on clear roads. There is no single tyre that works perfectly in all conditions.

What type of tyre do you need?

There are many retail websites where you can get a list of the available car tyre sizes, but in most situations, you have to search thoroughly to get the right information about which tyres best suit your car. With the list below and the site linked above, you can identify the type of tyre that suits your car:

  • All season tyres: They are renowned for their performance in various weather conditions. They are also known for long mileage and they fit perfectly in SUVs and conventional cars. They come in S and T speed ratings.

  • Performance all season tyres: These type of tyres usually have improved cornering grip than the all season tyres, their downside is that they wear quickly. They come in H and V speed rating on newer cars.

  • Ultra-high performance all season and summer tyres: Telling the difference between summer tyres and all season tyres could be difficult for most, so it is better to consult the manufacturer’s website to be sure. Usually, there is a Mud and Snow label on the sidewall of summer tyres to differentiate them. They come in ZR, W, and Y speed ratings for performance sedans and sports cars.

  • All-season and all-terrain tyres: These type of tyres often come in large sizes and are designed for towing and hauling duties of SUVs and light duty pickups. All season and all terrain tyres in general are designed with an aggressive tread pattern to help off road traction, click here to find out more and also note that most all terrain tyres usually have “All Terrain” or “A/T” in their model name.

  •  Snow/Winter tyres: Identifying these type of tyre is quite easy as you can find the snowflake or mountain symbol on the sidewall of the tyre. The tread is designed with a lot of slits, which is also called sipes. A rule of thumb is to always buy these type of tyres in sets of four so as to get enhanced handling and braking.